Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bad Hair Day!

Yesterday was a very windy day in Maine and this Blue Jay had a hard time staying on the post let alone keeping it's feathers in tact! I certainly have looked like this a few times!

I can not believe here it is almost the middle of February already! I am not seeing much for birds these days and wonder if there will be any around on the days of the Great Bird Count, the 14-19th. I have two faithful Downy Woodpeckers here every day for their helping of the suet. Oh! I found the neatest suet feeder at Wal-Mart the other day - it is a bright yellow-orange and resembles a sunflower with wire cage for the center to hold a cake of suet. So much prettier for taking pictures when the birds are on the suet! Then there are the group of Blue Jays, group of Mourning Doves and three Crows! The Gold Finches put in an appearance off and on, this morning there was a small flock of fifteen. We are in an open field and don't have many trees around the house so the chickadees don't come, might see one every now and then. When I take a walk down into the woods, they can be heard and seen most anywhere though. The wild turkeys have passed by every day since last Spring, a group of eleven, but since the snow fall they only appear every now and then. Today I only saw two young Toms just before they headed down to the woods to roost.

Snow Buntings - where are they? I do miss seeing them this time of year. It has been a couple years now since I last had them land in our field. They are quite active, the way they land, fly and land again. I was amazed the first time they came. I would just see a couple one day and then within the week there would be a flock of over fifty. Such a pretty little bird. They would land way out in the field and then wobble up to the feeder area to get what had fallen to the ground, could also see them picking at the grains of dried grass or flowers that stuck up above the snow. On days it was real windy you could look out and see all these little 'holes' in the snow and pretty soon out would pop a Snow Bunting! Birds sure are entertaining!

Enjoy and stay warm - Coppertop :)

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  1. What a lovely photo. You have some great bird photos.


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