Monday, February 12, 2007

Bird Nest - wonder who's

We had a nice sunny morning in Maine, in the 20's. Ruger, my German Shorthaired Pointer and I went out for a walk through the woods. We saw many tracks from the wild turkeys and whitetail deer. With no place special in mind to go, we just followed some trails through the snow, sometimes sinking to my knees in the drifts, but for the most part only about five inches of snow. Ruger's nose was working overtime as he sniffed each and every track. Occasionally his head would disappear in a mound of snow and re-appear as he pushed the snow about with his long nose. I gather he was sniffing out voles, just yesterday he drove his nose down into the snow and came out with a vole squealing. He gave it a gentle toss in the air and the vole quickly disappeared under the snow again as I motioned for Ruger to follow me and we continued on our walk. We would be walking along and suddenly Ruger's attention would go above to the branches of a tree or below amongst some fallen logs. Some times I would catch a glimpse of a squirrel or a partridge as it flew but more than not would be clueless as to what Ruger was sniffing out. Too bad there was not a way, a dog could tell us just exactly they were sniffing on at that particular moment!

My find today was this bird's nest only about 2 feet off the ground and tightly woven to the branches of this shrub. I can't help but wonder what type of bird had so cleverly put this nest together? How many eggs were laid and how many successfully hatched?

Have a good evening :) Coppertop

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