Thursday, February 08, 2007

Great Backyard Bird Count 2007

Great Backyard Bird Count - February 16th-19th 2007

Are you ready? It’s almost that time again. Time to get out those binoculars, a piece of paper, a pencil and place them near that easy chair that faces your backyard bird feeders. Perhaps you are one of those people that like to tally the birds all year long, and then you are prepared and raring to go. For the rest of you, take a few minutes out of your busy day, sit down with a hot cup of chocolate, tea or coffee, and just enjoy the birds in your backyard as you count and record them.

This is the 10th annual bird count sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. Birdwatchers from across the United States and Canada may participate. There is information at their website here on how to identify bird species, how to take your count and submit to the site. They even have a photo contest; where you may submit a bird photograph you took between the days of Feb. 14th and 21st 2007. Winners will receive a certificate award and their photos will be displayed on the Great Backyard Bird Count web site. The winner of the best overall photo will receive a pair of 8x42 Vortex Sidewinder binoculars, donated by GBBC sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited.

Results from the tally help scientists track changes in bird populations and ecological changes that they might otherwise not notice. People who study the birds cannot possibly cover all the territory you find birds and cannot get the overall picture without the help of each and every one of us, bird watchers in our own backyards.

Be a part of this years Great Backyard Bird Count, help the scientists, it will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart as you watch these beautiful birds go about their daily life.
As a Maine backyard bird watcher I have seen many changes over just the past few years. Birds we use to see, no longer are here and the ones we use to see an abundance of, now are few. It is sad to see a decline in our wildlife.

Happy bird watching and counting! :) Coppertop

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