Sunday, February 18, 2007

Maine skating wild turkeys

Wild turkeys! Here in Maine the wild turkey has made quite a come back. They can be seen most anywhere in the state any time of the year. They have quickly learned they can get a free hand out at their local bird feeder and will appear daily for their ration, much to the dismay of many humans. Where you have turkeys, you also have turkey droppings and that is one gooey mess!
We have seen some comical actions from the wild turkeys that frequent our backyard. A red-winged blackbird, one day did not appreciate the turkeys eating the bird seed and dive bombed them repeatedly. The turkeys quickly ducked their heads and sometimes would even jump into the air as if surprised or as if someone had given them a boot in the butt end! Have you ever seen a group of turkeys running across a field? They wobble and look so funny (cute). The Jakes (young males) like to gather in a circle and play what I call ring around the Rosie. As they are circling, suddenly one will jump straight into the air, then the next. I have seen them do this from one end of our field to the other, some 300 yards!
The Jakes at times will chase off the Tom, but he can be quite clever. We watched a Tom out maneuver the Jakes one day as he got enough ahead of them to fake his going across the street (hiding behind a building) and double back to the bird feeder while the unknowing Jakes hurried across the street in pursuit. It was a good half hour before we saw the Jakes again!
My photo today is of a couple Tom turkeys as they carefully made their way along the crusty and icy snow in our field yesterday. They appeared to be ice skating! Sometimes they would loose their balance, slipping on the crust and other times one foot would disappear into the snow. They made their way to the bird seed and feasted until my husband opened a door and they flew off to the woods.
Today we saw seven hen turkeys as they wandered around down in the wooded area of our lot. They stayed down there all day and as night approached they disappeared into the woods to find a tree to their liking to roost. We can be sure we will be seeing them in the morning light again.
Good night, enjoy and be safe :) Coppertop

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  1. I like the way each bird seems to be dragging one foot as it steps. Almost seems choreographed. No wild turkeys in my neck of the woods.


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