Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New design from White tail bucks photo

I have been wanting to do something with this photo of two White-tailed bucks in my backyard for awhile now but just wasn't satisfied with what I came up with until this morning when this idea came about. The two bucks were browsing in our field and would take turns lifting their heads to check for danger I presumed. I was lucky enough to be able to capture this photo when they both lifted their heads at the same time, at first it looked like they were kissing! I have witnessed the bucks standing almost back to back and checking for danger many times, especially when the weather is bad.

With the help of Photoshop Elements 5, I was able to cut out the two bucks from the photo and place into another background (from Elements program), then added words to create this design. I thought Friends was a fitting caption as that is what Friends do - watch out for each other. I just love this program, there are so many options available, each time I use the program I seem to learn something different.

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You will find many more gift ideas with this design like mugs, keepsake ornaments, magnets, coasters etc., as well as many other designs. Most all my creations are made from original wildlife photos taken in my backyard. Thank you for looking and have a wonderful evening :) Coppertop

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