Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ruger, My German Shorthaired Pointer

Ruger is our 6 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. We got him from a local breeder as a puppy. He is a sweet loving companion who can be exasperating at times!

Ruger is an energetic, curious and loving companion. He has not been trained to be a bird dog due to the fact that he is terrified of loud nosies, gun shots, thunder storms or even a dump truck dumping it's load. Just this past week, I was cooking a pizza in the oven and the cheese dripped down to the bottom and you know what happened next - smoke poured out of the oven when I opened it and off went the smoke alarms. That is a good thing that the smoke alarms work but poor Ruger, he just went right out his hide. In the past when he has become upset we have tired to comfort him but that just doesn't work, so we found the best thing to do is put him in his crate and cover it up. He will then in a short time bring his breathing back to normal and settle down after he first paws up the bedding to get more comfortable or more than likely out of frustration.
On the whole though, Ruger is a super dog and wonderful companion. He has so many expressions that come over his face and will look you right in the eye. I just know he can tell what I am thinking most the time. If I get up to go to a different part of the house, Ruger is right there leading the way!
Ruger loves being outdoors, especially when someone is tossing a ball for him to fetch. When the Mourning Doves land near the bird feeders, Ruger will stalk them, point them and then when he feels he is close enough he will break out in a full run. Of course, the Doves fly off in plenty of time. Odd how only certain birds seem to get his attention with the Mourning Dove at the top of the list. We have wild turkeys that come on pretty much a daily basis. Ruger will just sit and watch them from the windows; but if it is a squirrel out there he will start to squeal and run from window to window! Ruger appears to know what it means when I am photographing a critter through the window also, he will sit by my side and just watch, first me then the critter. Ruger is not a dog to bark at anything moving, but does alarm us when someone comes in the driveway.

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