Thursday, February 15, 2007

Second day of Maine Snow Storm

We woke this morning to a extremely windy day and drifting snow. All it all, it looks like we got at least one foot of snow from the storm that started yesterday morning. I started to clean off the deck but decided with the wind it was a hopeless case until the wind diminished. One good thing about the wind, it has cleaned our roof off of the snow and we won't have to do the dreaded, climb the ladder and shovel it off. We did get some freezing rain towards the end of the storm and it has left a crust which small critters can scurry across but will make it difficult for the other wildlife to get about. Ruger, our GSP, has had one of the days, it's out to do his business and right back into the house, no lingering today!

Today's photo is a group of Mourning Doves huddled on a limb trying to keep from being blown off. They were out off and on today as well as the Gold Finches and Blue Jays. The two Downy Woodpeckers, who are usually right here every day must of decided it was a good day to stay 'home' and out of the weather.

Looks like the winds are suppose to keep gusting through the night and tomorrow only around 10-15mph. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day to clean off the deck and finish cleaning out the driveway.

Reminder - tomorrow is the 16th - starting day of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Stay warm and safe :) Coppertop

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