Saturday, February 17, 2007

This Downy Woodpecker was here today. I usually have two of them, back and forth all day, every day, but guess they thought best to stay in their tree cavities during the snow and wind. Still windy today, but just beautiful out with the sun shinning and up to 36 degrees.

Two Tom turkeys were here this morning, looking for a hand out. They did not have an easy time walking across the field, it is crusted over and icy. They would take a couple steps and either sink down in the snow with one leg or go sliding with both. Not easy for the wildlife to get around now with the snow depth and crust. BUT Spring is only 31 days away! Then we can look forward to mud and more mud, but also the Robins, Hummingbirds, Flowers and much more!

Finally, the driveway is cleared of snow and a path to the bird feeders. I can just imagine what New York must of been going through with all their snow, we only had a little over a foot and it took us three days to get cleaned out! Mostly because our tractor with bucket was down as well as our back up snow blower! Tractor had three new hydraulic hoses put in yesterday and is back up and running, the snow blower well that will have to have more work done, it wants to spit, sputter and talk back loudly!

Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and safe :) Coppertop

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