Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maine - Springtime?

Well, the calendar tells me today is the first day of Spring, although officially it is not until 8:07 pm this evening. The photo above was taken in my Maine backyard at 6:50am. Does that look like Spring time to you? Sure does not to me! Last night we got an additional 2-3 inches of fluffy snow.
The field has about eight inches of water saturated snow that is solid like a brick and you can walk on the top of. But you have to be careful because every now and then you hit a soft spot and down goes one foot, twisting your body out of shape. Our driveway on the other hand is a mud hole and every step is exercise. The mud holds your foot in place with suction and you pull to release (hoping your boot stays on) and go another step. We are having strong winds now and the temp is holding around 20 degrees, hopefully it will help to dry up some of this moisture.
Tomorrow is another day and one day closer to warmer weather despite what the calendar might say and what we might be seeing outside at this moment. The grass will turn green again, the Robins will come, the flowers will grow and give us color, the hummingbirds will return and we more than likely will be wishing for cooler weather in no time at all. BUT that is why we live in Maine - we love the changing of the seasons and all that goes with those changes!

Enjoy :) Coppertop

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