Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mourning Doves - drying out?

This was a different sight today! These Mourning Doves it appears might of been drying out their undersides. The wind was not blowing. They would just keep lifting their wings and hold their for a few seconds. At one time, two held up one wing at the same time and all I could think of was sharks fins sticking out of the water. As usual it had to happen before I could get the camera to the window! This is the first time I had noticed this 'ritual'.

I love to hear the Mourning Doves coo and their wings 'whistle' as they take off, don't you?

Did you know Pigeons and Doves produce "crop milk," which is a fluid from the lining the crop--a thin-walled, saclike chamber at the bottom of the esophagus? The parents regurgitate the "milk" directly into the hatchling's mouth and throat. They feed the babies this crop milk for the first couple days and then start to introduce them to seeds and insects.

More information on Mourning Doves and here.

Enjoy :) Coppertop

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