Saturday, March 03, 2007

Surprise - Snow Buntings

Big Surprise today! A flock of 20-30 Snow Buntings showed up in my backyard late this afternoon. I was not able to get a really good picture of them, hopefully tomorrow will be a nice sunny day and they will return.
If you have ever seen a flock of snow buntings you know where they got their name, they look like snowflakes as they fly around. Snow buntings don't light for long on the ground, they are continuously moving. I am so fascinated by them.
Back a few years, I could count on seeing the Snow Buntings the end of January, first of February, they were always included in my count for the Backyard Bird Count in Feb. A lone bunting would arrive and then within a couple days there would be a flock of over 50 flying around our field. Last year we did not see any Snow Buntings and I wondered what had happened. This year it appeared we were not going to see any again, but today, they surprised me and I was so thrilled.
You can check here for more information on the Snow Buntings and hear their song.
Enjoy :) Coppertop

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