Sunday, March 11, 2007

Red squirrel teases Ruger!

This little red squirrel is as cute as a button, but boy can it wind up Ruger, our dog! It will sit on the rock wall or even on our deck railing peering into our house. All the time, Ruger is pacing back and forth and squealing with excitement. Yet, the moment I put the camera on tripod at the window, Ruger will sit by my side and watch me take pictures!
I bet this critter is glad that Ruger is on the inside! Just the same it appears to sense that Ruger is not a threat as long as he is in the house.
This little critter was so cute, I just had to do a design for merchandise at my cafepress store!
Enjoy :) Coppertop

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  1. My wife and I live in Brunswick, and we were very pleasantly surprised to have a Red Squirrel follow along with us during a walk. He watched us and went up trees and then down and up another all the while keeping an eye on us and chewing on several pine cone ends. This went on for about 100 yards and eventually we had to take a turn down the road. Quite a nice happening!


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