Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beautiful Maine day - backyard critters came a calling!

Wow! What a beautiful day it was here in Maine today. This colorful Tom turkey along with another Tom and some hens came a calling today. It is getting near mating season, you can tell by noticing how their actions are changing. I have seen a young Tom strutting around. The older Tom's have broken away from groups and are traveling alone now. This morning one of the older Tom's was doing some pretty serious strutting for a female he had singled out.

Early this evening we were honored with a visit from these two deer. It is rare for us to see them in the daylight hours. I find many tracks in our field where they have traveled through the night. To be able to see what leaves those tracks is so much better!

As you can see in the pictures the snow is melting but still around. The woods, especially, still have quite a bit of snow. In my walk today there were some places the it came to my knees. For the most part I walked where there was no snow!

This morning I let Ruger out for a good run and boy did he get muddy. The field is so soft and there are water holes in all the low spots. Before I could let Ruger back into the house I took a pan of warm water and dunked in his feet to clean the mud. But that wasn't enough, I had to take a wet cloth and give his underside a sponge (cloth) bath! He had mud from one end to the other! Wonder if mud is good for dog's complexions? Regardless, Ruger thoroughly enjoyed himself running around sniffing out the critters that had been around, fetching his ball and just plain being out in the fresh air.

I wanted Ruger's fur to dry before letting him in the house, so he and I sat on the deck, watching and listening. I saw a Pileated Woodpecker down on our tree line, wish it had been closer to try to get some pictures but not today. An owl was hooting and I thought I heard a second one answering. Oh - I saw my first Robin, well, actually my first two Robins, this Spring, that was an encouraging sign that warmer weather is here! All the time I was sitting on the deck, coffee in hand, all I could think of was, "Let's have a barbecue!"

Enjoy :) Coppertop

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