Friday, April 20, 2007

At last SPRING - Yipee!

What a gorgeous day today! Now this is SPRING TIME!

Three tree swallows were flying around our field today and checking out the bird houses. Are they not beautiful with the sun shining on their incandescent feathers? I love to listen to them sing and watch them soar around the field.

Was able to get out and walk around with Ruger, we went down into the woods and checked things out. Still some snow in the woods but it is melting fast. Ruger really enjoyed being out today, but I'm afraid he terrified a poor little red squirrel that was looking for sunflower seeds. Ruger got him cornered on top of a post and even after I put Ruger back into the house, the little guy stayed on that post for a good half hour longer before hurrying off.
This hawk was hanging around our bird feeder this morning and went after a Junco but missed - the Junco zipped by me and passed under our deck for a safe retreat. Guess the hawk thought I was too big to deal with and quickly made a u turn!

So nice -

  • to be able to turn the furnace off
  • to be able to open up the house windows again and let the fresh air in.
  • not to have to bundle up in zillion layers of clothing.
  • to anticipate the return of the hummingbirds.
  • to know soon flowers will be displaying their colors in abundance.
  • the thought to sit out at an open fire and just listen to nature.
  • to just be out in the open fresh air - and I could go on and on!
Enjoy :) Coppertop

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday, April 13th in Snow covered Maine

Here we are again with a snow covered backyard. It was just beginning to show bare ground again from the last storm and we are covered again! I have to admit it was just beautiful to look out and see everything covered in freshly fallen snow BUT gosh that is something you enjoy from Dec-Feb, not April 13th. Friday the 13th at that!
Despite the snow, the Tom's are strutting their stuff and even saw a pair mating just a couple days ago. Yesterday morning there was a pair of Tree Swallows checking out one of our six bird houses and appeared like they were mating. The Mourning Doves also appear to be in the mating mode and are chasing each other around. The Robins can be seen along the road sides looking for any bit of bare ground to find a meal. One did find some red berries on my shrubs a couple days ago and finished them up. The male Goldfinches are changing their dull winter colors back to the brilliant yellow, and looking spotted for the time being. It's nearing time for the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds to return, hoping they wait for better weather. The weather man says we are in for a real Northeastern Sun-Mon, rain or snow and real high winds! I am really glad we don't live where they are predicting possible tornado's, I have lived through hurricanes as a child in Connecticut, but never witnessed a tornado and don't care to. I am thankful they are not a common feature in Maine and will take the odd weather we have been getting any day compared to tornado's, earthquakes and such.
I brought a fuchsia plant in the house this past winter and it is doing well but to my surprise in the same pot a petunia plant has sprung up and actually has a couple blooms on it now. At least I have a little springtime inside if not outside!
Enjoy :) Coppertop

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring and we get biggest snow storm!

Yep! Here it is April 5th and we got 16 inches of new snow between last night and this morning! It let up this afternoon but is snowing again now! Got to feel for the wildlife and birds. Saw some Robins fly pass today - hope they found a meal somewhere.
This was a first for me today - sparrows eating suet! I saw a couple Juncos eating the suet, also a first time observation. Usually the Juncos and Sparrows just ground feed, have never seen them at the feeders or suet before today. Guess they will settle for what they can find with the ground covered with 16" of snow! Now the Grackles are a different story, they will eat anything available and they were certainly around today. I usually see about 15 Blue Jays but today there was a only a couple. Only saw one Mourning Dove, where usually there are at least ten around off and on through the day, especially early morning and late afternoon.
A small group (8) of wild turkeys showed up this afternoon. Getting around in the snow was quite a difficult task for them and most elected to spend the afternoon in trees! They were not hard to find along the tree line. I watched off and on as they would fly to the ground for a bit and then return to the trees. This went on for the whole afternoon into early evening when they flew deeper into the woods to roost for the night. They must of felt like playing because one time I looked over and there were five on the snow covered ground, going in circles and jumping into the air one after the other. The video below taken a few years back and on bare ground shows what I mean. It is funny to watch them doing this 'dance'. It seems to be something they do during the mating season time, but can't help but wonder if today they might of just been trying to get to bare ground! Enjoy :) Coppertop

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where oh Where IS SPRING?

Above photo was April 3rd morning! And looks like this is what we will awake to again tomorrow morning as it is now snowing and weather man says 4-8" our area!
So much for Spring. The driveway mud was beginning to dry up, the lawn wasn't so soggy, and the Robins were getting their bellies full of worms. (Sigh) They won't find those worms very easy after tonight.
Wonder what the wildlife think about this snow? We were just beginning to see the whitetails out in the fields browsing again, this will probably drive them back to their little hide aways in the woods. From one day to the next their 'animal' conversations must go something like this:
"Gosh, it's good to see bare ground again, some new tasty greens are even beginning to grow!." "OH - back to the woods we go, this white stuff is miserable to get around in and has covered our greens."
"Hey, did you notice the snow has melted and the fields are looking bare again?" "Let's go check out those greens!"
"Your kidding right?"
"No, you weren't - it's snowing again!"
"Gosh - would someone turn off that white stuff, I'm cold, wet, hungry and tired."

Stay warm, dry and safe. :) Coppertop