Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring and we get biggest snow storm!

Yep! Here it is April 5th and we got 16 inches of new snow between last night and this morning! It let up this afternoon but is snowing again now! Got to feel for the wildlife and birds. Saw some Robins fly pass today - hope they found a meal somewhere.
This was a first for me today - sparrows eating suet! I saw a couple Juncos eating the suet, also a first time observation. Usually the Juncos and Sparrows just ground feed, have never seen them at the feeders or suet before today. Guess they will settle for what they can find with the ground covered with 16" of snow! Now the Grackles are a different story, they will eat anything available and they were certainly around today. I usually see about 15 Blue Jays but today there was a only a couple. Only saw one Mourning Dove, where usually there are at least ten around off and on through the day, especially early morning and late afternoon.
A small group (8) of wild turkeys showed up this afternoon. Getting around in the snow was quite a difficult task for them and most elected to spend the afternoon in trees! They were not hard to find along the tree line. I watched off and on as they would fly to the ground for a bit and then return to the trees. This went on for the whole afternoon into early evening when they flew deeper into the woods to roost for the night. They must of felt like playing because one time I looked over and there were five on the snow covered ground, going in circles and jumping into the air one after the other. The video below taken a few years back and on bare ground shows what I mean. It is funny to watch them doing this 'dance'. It seems to be something they do during the mating season time, but can't help but wonder if today they might of just been trying to get to bare ground! Enjoy :) Coppertop

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