Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where oh Where IS SPRING?

Above photo was April 3rd morning! And looks like this is what we will awake to again tomorrow morning as it is now snowing and weather man says 4-8" our area!
So much for Spring. The driveway mud was beginning to dry up, the lawn wasn't so soggy, and the Robins were getting their bellies full of worms. (Sigh) They won't find those worms very easy after tonight.
Wonder what the wildlife think about this snow? We were just beginning to see the whitetails out in the fields browsing again, this will probably drive them back to their little hide aways in the woods. From one day to the next their 'animal' conversations must go something like this:
"Gosh, it's good to see bare ground again, some new tasty greens are even beginning to grow!." "OH - back to the woods we go, this white stuff is miserable to get around in and has covered our greens."
"Hey, did you notice the snow has melted and the fields are looking bare again?" "Let's go check out those greens!"
"Your kidding right?"
"No, you weren't - it's snowing again!"
"Gosh - would someone turn off that white stuff, I'm cold, wet, hungry and tired."

Stay warm, dry and safe. :) Coppertop

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