Saturday, May 26, 2007


Oh! The time has gotten a way from me and I haven't posted anything recently.
There has been a lot of activity in our Maine backyard this past month.
  • Tree swallows are a delight to see fly around the yard as they catch their meals. They are using the bird houses to nest.
  • A pair of Blue Birds have taken up quarters at one of the bird houses. There are five pretty blue eggs in the nest but it doesn't appear that they are getting cared for, although the pair check the nest box and are seen mostly early morning and late afternoon.
  • The finches are singing away and such joy to hear and see. We are seeing the Gold Finches and Purple Finches.
  • There are two male Rose Breasted Grosbeak's coming to the feeders each day now and on two occasionals I did see one female. The male's sure are colorful - such a contrast there black, white and red colors!
  • I had the pleasure for a brief moment to actually see a male Indigo Bunting the other day, sadly not enough time for a picture, but certainly long enough for a thrill!
  • Two Catbirds were hopping about at the edge of our field a couple days ago and the next day I got a glimpse of them through the trees.
  • I saw a male Northern Harrier fly over while hunting the fields yesterday. Past years I have seen the female also.
  • The Sparrows, Morning Doves, Blue Jays, Red-winged BlackBirds, Starlings are all regulars.
  • The butterflies are starting to show themselves. Above are my first two captures this year - the American Lady (orange one) and I believe the other is a Silvery Blue.
  • I have seen one Mourning Cloak and several small yellow, white and blue ones that just zoom right past and don't stop for a visit or photograph!
  • I have seen a fox go through our field twice this past month which is really great, past couple years we hadn't seen any and use to each year.
  • The bunnies were coming out at the edge of the field but haven't seen this past week, believe it might be baby time!
  • The wild turkeys are coming off and on - the hens are nesting now and the Tom's are lonely and looking!

Well, guess that about covers the going ons for now. Enjoy :) Coppertop

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Squirrels !

Squirrels are such cleaver little animals! It doesn't take them long to figure out things especially if it means a free meal!

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