Saturday, September 22, 2007


My goodness - I can't believe it is almost October already!

For the past four years we have had a Mother Snapping Turtle lay her eggs in our yard, usually under our mailbox! This year they hatched out September 19th and 31 babies were found as they struggled to get out of their dirt nest and find their way to their new homes. It is simply amazing how they get out of the nest to begin with let alone the journey they must make to their new home, all along the way predators lurking.

A friend and I gathered up the little turtles and transported to the nearby bog, where we sat them on ground away from the water so they could pick their own spot. It wasn't long and they were on their way, each their own and one by one made it to the water. We watched in admiration and wondered how many would make it to adulthood.
Enjoy - Coppertop :)

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  1. We are on Long Lake, near Naples, ME. A clutch of snapping turtles has just emerged from their nest on the sandy beach, and entered Long Lake, which seems an inhospitable location for them. Should I gather them up and take them to a nearby bog as you have, or, leave them alone? You may respond to


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