Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Latest scouting camera photos

Here it is October already. The leaves have fallen, the air is chiller and hunting season is upon us here in Maine! Reminder - wear your orange when wandering around your backyards, make sure you animals are in safe areas and if possible adorn them with bright orange also.
In checking my scouting camera today I found 114 photos, good spot under an apple tree that still has falling apples. Some trees are empty or almost and then you come across one that is loaded to the top! Must be apples that rippen later. I probably should of set the camera to at least 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds, but I hate to think I might miss that once in a lifetime great shot! What if that super big buck (hmm - have you seen any?) paused in front of the camera between those 5 min settings - you would never know it! Anyhow here are a few pictures I got off the camera today. Hope you enjoy :) Coppertop