Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hilarious photo

When I saw this photo from my scouting camera I could not help but chuckle. It appears the deer is telling the porcupine to back off those are it's apples! This has got to be a 'once in a lifetime' sort of photo.

It's a nasty day here today - windy and raining since morning. Certainly a wet one for any hunter that did venture out for their trophy. This wind will do a good job of knocking off what few apples might be left on the trees for the wildlife. I saw a group of six turkeys wandering around our field this morning, one looks like a nice Tom with a long beard. No, we don't hunt the turkeys, just watch them. I know Thanksgiving is around the corner, but I perfer to buy my cooking turkey from the local store, besides it's not turkey season here! We do try to keep the turkeys away from the house and down in the field. Their calling cards are really messy! Usually we just have to open a door or window and they run or fly off back down into the field. Speaking of turkeys this scouting camera photo is an interesting one of the turkeys with the morning sun peaking up over the tree tops and emitting its rays

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