Friday, November 16, 2007

We have snow!

November 16, 2007 and we are getting our first snow of the season! Are you ready? I am and I'm not! I love Maine's changing of the season and I do enjoy the snow season. It's a good time to get outdoors, walk around (snowshoe if need be) and check out what animals have been around your place during the night hours. You might be in for a big surprise!

I'm afraid the oil and gas prices put a damper on the winter months now. The higher prices certainly will be a burden on all. The $$ certainly has changed over the years. Take 1935 for instance, the average income was $1506.00. You could buy a new home for $5972.00 or a new car for $575.00. What on earth would you get in a vehicle for $575. today - the tires! In 1934 a loaf of bread cost just .08 cents; a gallon of milk .45 cents and get this a gallon of gasoline only cost .19 cents! Bored, got a free minute - take a walk down memory lane - click on this link and put in your birth date or any date - then click quick page. You will be sure to find some interesting information. A good snowy day project, something you can share with the kids!

Enjoy - stay warm. :) Coppertop

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