Friday, February 29, 2008

New scouting camera photos

Coyote on the prowl

Chubby Buck without antlers

I snow shoed today in our backyard woods and checked my scouting cameras. In looking at these two photos just one day apart, I was for a second dumb founded - I didn't remember moving the camera to a different location. Taking another look, I realized it was just the snow that made the difference in the photos not the location!

We are in for another snow storm tonight and tomorrow (up to 18 inches). Looks like Mother Nature is holding on to winter and doesn't want to let go!

Enjoy :) Coppertop

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barred Owl in daytime

This past December one sunny morning, I looked out and this beautiful Barred Owl was perched on the roof of bird feeder station. It kept looking down at the ground and after quite a spell out popped a red squirrel.

This was one brave squirrel because it darted out across the field and the owl took after it.

They made a circle around our oak tree as the squirrel headed for our rock wall. For a moment I thought the owl had run right into the tree trunk, but it turned and was right behind the squirrel as it darted into the wall for cover.

Yes, the squirrel made it to cover and I thought one lucky red squirrel! The owl then landed on our deck post and watched the area for another fifteen minutes or so and then flew over to some trees not far.

I was able to walk right up under this tree and get some more photos of this beautiful bird. I was still in shock of seeing it in the daylight and up so close.

The owl stayed perched on this limb for the rest of the morning. Sometimes it would be looking around and other times appeared to be asleep!

In the early afternoon, I took our German Shorthaired Pointer out for some exercise and the Owl was still perched in the tree. Ruger, our GSP, ran under the tree checking for squirrels as he usually does and the Owl didn't seem to be alarmed by his presence. About an hour later I glanced over to the tree and our beautiful visitor was gone.

Enjoy :) Coppertop

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beautiful, foggy February morning - Maine Backyard

Photo of a recent backyard morning with fog coming up through the trees.
Enjoy :) Coppertop

Friday, February 08, 2008

Wild Turkeys leg deep in snow!

Twelve wild turkeys showed up today. The freshly fallen snow left them leg deep in the snow and walking was not easy for them.
When the turkeys left they decided to take the easy route - to the air!
Here a couple are over the tree tops deciding where to land!
Please excuse this photo, they were quite a ways off - I outlined in red the area where one wild turkey is perched high in the top of that fir. It appears to just be another branch, but believe me there is a turkey sitting on that branch!
Enjoy :) Coppertop

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Red Poll frenzy at backyard feeders

Early this morning, the Red Polls were here in full force. It makes your head swirl trying to keep up with them, but great entertainment! Its a dreary day, lightly snowing and overcast but watching these birds you can't help but smile!

Enjoy your day :) Coppertop

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Icy February Morning

We woke this morning to a cover of fresh snow and ice. About one inch of ice coated the steps and deck.
Only three turkeys! We haven't seen much of the turkeys this year, nothing like the past four years but these three did wander through this morning.
The Red Poll's were in full force from one feeder to another!

Enjoy :) Coppertop