Friday, April 11, 2008

His lost, My Treasure

A beautiful Maine Spring day it was today! So refreshing to be able to sit out on the deck this morning with my cup of coffee and watch the sparrows, Robins, gold finches and even a small group of Tree Swallows checking out our bird houses.

I ventured out into the woods this morning, just taking my time and trying to walk where the ground was bare. The snow is still pretty deep in spots and can be pretty hard on one's body, not knowing when you are going to sink knee deep or stay on top of the snow pack. Luckily there were enough bare spots and I got in a nice leisure walk. I was a bit disappointed in not seeing any birds though, except for one lone Robin.

Heading back home, I was walking our property line and happened to come across an antler left behind by a young buck. I recognized the antler shape right away as belonging to a buck we had seen for two winters now with a double throat patch. Not an outstanding antler by any means, but certainly a treasure to me. A pleasant surprise and nice ending to my morning walk.

Enjoy :) Coppertop

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