Monday, January 12, 2009

First antler find 2009

First shed antler find this season! Shed antler as it lay in the snow when first found. Like every morning this time of year, I woke scanning our field with binoculars for any antlers that might of been shed during the night. This particular morning I saw something arched and smooth laying in the fresh falling snow. At first I thought no it couldn't be but just had to go and look even if it was snowing, windy and cold! I bundled up and motioned for Ruger, our shorthair to join me. Needless to say with wagging tail Ruger was out the door before I could get it fully opened! He just loves the snow. I walked down to the spot and sure enough there lay a freshly shed antler. The surprise was this antler I had not seen on its owner! Now the night before I did notice a different young buck mingling with our regular bucks that did not have antlers and his antler holes looked quite fresh but never dreamed he had shed one of them in our field.

Ruger checking out the antlerRuger proudly carrying the antler back to the house.
Our first find of this deer season - a cute small four point antler with a 6" G2! An added treasure to our collection!
Enjoy the day! :) Coppertop

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  1. Just curious! Why is it called G2? Is that how deers antlers are rated?


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