Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update on found shed antler

Update ! The above photo I found on my scouting camera - its a young buck with the antler I found in our backyard field still attached to his head! See the previous post. I was so excited to be able to at least see a photo of the antler on its owner. As near as I can tell this young guy and the pretty 8 point in photo below were traveling together perhaps looking for a place to call home. They did stay around a couple hours but have evidently moved on as I have not seen since. How fantastic that this little guy left me with a 'treasure' (visible memory) of his visit! A handsome looking young 8 point, would love to see him a few years down the road but thinking he and his little buddy have moved on in search of their new home. But with white-tail deer you never know, perhaps they will wander back again!
Enjoy your day :) Coppertop

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