Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Foot of Snow - wonderful Hubby!

What a great husband! I mentioned I needed to snow shoe down to the woods and check my game cameras this morning; next thing I knew Tom was going out the door and said he would plow me a trail!

You see we got a good foot of new snow Sunday! It was just beautiful Monday morning when the sun came up.
Above is how it looks from our double doors at the back deck. Tom and his John Deere look like just a speck down there at this angle! It is about 200 yards to the edge of the woods. By plowing a trail it certainly made my walk down into the woods much easier. I love to snow shoe but it can be quite wearing on a person some days.
It was worth the trip to check cameras - I got this neat picture of a partridge after some cut up apples. Yes I put the apples there to entice some wildlife to pose for me!
I also got quite a few pictures of this buck I have been calling "No Name No Antlers". We first saw him January 4th and he already shed his antlers so he is a big mystery as to how many points or what his antlers looked like earlier! I have been catching this guy quite a bit at this spot guess he loves my cut up apples - although he had to work for them this time around as they were buried under the snow.
Enjoy your day! :) Coppertop

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  1. Nice guy today — tomorrow may be another story (grin). Looks good and the walking will be better. Great game photo's.


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