Thursday, January 08, 2009

White tails bucks - shedding antlers

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The time has come again for the white-tail bucks to be shedding their antlers. Are you a person who gets out there in the woods every day following deer trails and looking for these shed antlers? It takes a lot of patience and time unless you live on a deer farm or in an area heavily populated with deer! I admit, I am not a die hard antler looking person, but I do enjoy walking the trails in our area in hopes of finding an antler, if not just the walk and seeing what has wandered through and left their track is pleasure enough. I have been fortunate in past years to find one or two in our own field. I don't care if it is just a 4" spike antler; to me it is a treasure, especially when I can match the antler up to a buck that we had been watching.

Our backyard was and still is a winter hangout for some of the white tail deer in our area. I have been able to photograph and/or video tape them as they browse our field for clover or just hang around throughout the night hours. I have even given name to the bucks that come back from year to year. The one you see pictured above is "Hoss." Some bucks we see year after year, boy they are wise animals. This year in particular was different from past years, we did not see any deer before hunting season or during but two days after the season ended for our area, two handsome bucks showed up in our field looking for any fallen apples still under the trees! I had begun to believe all the deer had disappeared whether it be by a coyote, vehicle accident or hunter. My amazement and admiration for these beautiful creatures was certainly renewed this season!Enjoy - Coppertop :)

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  1. I rarely go out hunting for sheds, but it is fun to find one. Great photo's!


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