Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another beautiful winter day in Maine!

Today was another fantastically beautiful day here in Maine. Yesterday was a clean up day from the new snow we had got the day before. Our deck had about 12" of the white stuff to be shoveled off, thank goodness it was fairly light and easily removed.
Morning brought a beautiful sight with the sun shining, snow glistening and stuck to the trees. One could not help but ponder thoughts of getting out there and enjoying. This time snow shoes would be needed as our plowed trail to the woods was freshly covered but would be an easy walk just the same as the trail had been broken previously.

As I approached our orchard I could see a red squirrel perched on the platform stuffing his face and four blue jays on the ground scuffing up the falling pieces of food. The blue jays disappeared upon my approach but the little red squirrel held his ground. To my amazement the squirrel let me get within three feet of where he sat eating. He/she must of been more hungry than scared of me!

I stood and watched the red squirrel as he ate for a minute or so and then went on to check the game camera. I found 42 new photos had been taken. The usual number of crow and blue jay pictures as well as the regular buck but this time he was joined by a spike with one antler. I have photos of this young buck back on Feb. 12th with just the one antler and he still has it! Guess Spike just doesn't want to part with his 2nd antler. He shows it off proudly in the photo below.

Couldn't resist adding this last photo - we have just two red-breasted nuthatches coming to the feeders and I finally was able to capture its picture. They are quick little birds, so cute!

Take time for yourself and enjoy! :) Coppertop


  1. Thanks for sharing these great photo's. It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Maine. A fresh snow makes the landscape so pretty. Still...I'm ready for spring! :-)

  2. Your welcome!Days like this one can't help but smile, Spring will just bring mud, glbuzz! :)

  3. Great pictures. Looks like that little buck already lost one of his antlers.

  4. Thank you Deer Tracking Cameras. Yes, I have photos of that buck on Feb 12th with just the one antler - in fact I saw him again last night (21st)and he is still running around with that one antler!


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