Friday, February 13, 2009

Lets help and count the birds in our backyards!

Morning All -
Are you ready? Today starts the Great Backyard Bird Count! Go to GBBC and print out a check list for your area. Grab a pencil, binoculars if needed, your favorite cup of coffee or tea and your ready – just enjoy fifteen minutes or more as you tally up the birds at your feeders, in your backyard or even at a nearby park. Remember now when counting to record the greatest number of each species that you see together at one time – don’t add them all up. For example if you see 5 chickadees and then in a few minutes you see 10 chickadees – you would record 10 chickadees only – you would not add them together for 15.

You don’t have to do this today, if tomorrow is a better day then that is just fine. Dates for this particular count are Feb 13th through Feb 16th. You pick the time – GBBC asks for just fifteen minutes but you are welcome to count for a longer period of time. Don’t forget to include your children – a great activity for the whole family.
Have fun and enjoy – Happy Counting! :) Coppertop


  1. What a fun way to relax for fifteen minutes and it helps research too!! I am going to join in the counting.

  2. Glad to hear you are going to join in on the count, glbuzz! Every count no matter how small or large will be a help to GBBC.

  3. Beautiful photo of the Redpole !


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