Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A sit in the woods on a sunny winter day!

A beautiful sunny day today and after having a couple of 'under the weather' days I was anxious to get out in the fresh air. I decided to go down into the woods and check my game cameras and sit in our little woods 'shack' to see what might be out and about. I gathered all my gear, checking to make sure I had batteries and camera memory sticks. Grabbed my thermos of hot vanilla spice chai tea (a new addiction!) and off I went but not before pulling on a pair of ice cleats over my hiking boots. Our path to the woods has become quite icy in spots and I certainly did not want to take a tumble.

In checking the game cameras I found I had several crow and blue jay photos along with five photos of a buck that has become know as No Name. He seems to have gotten use to the camera flash and keeps coming back for more oats and apples that I have been putting there. I did get one photo of a partridge, although not the best of shots, it does let me know the partridge is still around or at least one is.

After checking the cameras I dumped some wildlife grain on a flat platform on top of a cut off apple tree in hopes of attracting some birds. I then went to the shack and settled in on the comfy 'office' chair, poured a cup of hot tea and waited. The first photo above shows part of my view. An hour goes by and I start to wonder what am I doing? Sitting in the woods and no critters! Where are they all? Are you not supposed to see and hear critters in the woods? As pouring another helping of my tea I hear this scratching noise - something was climbing the little apple tree right next to our shack. It climbed the tree and jumped on the roof, what a racket for such a small critter - it was a red squirrel. At one point it poked his head in a window but one look at me and it was gone again! Within a couple minutes it came in sight again as it scurried up the stump and helped itself to some grain.

It seemed to be an eternity as this little critter sat on the platform and ate and ate. In the meantime four blue jays landed over in front of the game camera helping themselves to the oats there. I watched and listened to their chattering, enjoying my last sip of hot tea. I was just capping the thermos and thinking what a gorgeous winter day and how thankful I was to be where I was when the red squirrel scurried down the stump and off into the deeper woods. But first he paused long enough for me to snap this last photo below - can you find my little friend, the red squirrel in the photo? Clue - He is in a sitting position!

Take some time for your self and enjoy :) Coppertop


  1. Great images. What type of game camera were they taken from?

  2. Thank you Deer Tracking Cameras!
    I have two 4.1 pixel digital Snapshot Snipers. They are about 3 years old now and still going strong - I just love them - Coppertop


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