Friday, February 27, 2009

Teeter Totter Snow Shoes!

Have you ever snow shoed when the snow was sticky? Then you know exactly what I am referring to. As you walk snow collects at the grips on the underside. On mine it seems to be the heel grip that gives me problems. My snow shoes are about 4 years old now and have claw grips at the toe and heel of the foot on the underside. You take a step and the front of your snow shoe plummets down while the middle is suspended in the air. You lean backwards to catch your balance in an effort to prevent a fall and the snow shoe rocks and plummets the opposite way. Now if I were younger this might be fun but it takes all my strength to say in a stand position. I catch my breath and on again. I take a step, give the shoe a stomp and the snow has cleared but another couple steps and I have a teeter totter snow shoe again. So went my trip down to the woods to check my game cameras today. At that time it was beautiful out, sun shinning and about 48 degrees. Now I see the sky has grown quite gray, the wind is blowing and although rain has been predicted for this evening, one might think snow was coming again.

My first camera site showed no signs of tracks and no photos. Bummer! The second camera site was well tracked and the wildlife grain had been devoured. What really caught my attention were the partridge tracks in the snow leading up to and away from the food. It has been four days since I last checked the cameras and this one shows a total of 114 photos. They turned out to be all bird photos except a couple with a red squirrel! Crows, Blue Jays and a partridge. I really like the blue jay action photo below. Photos have all been cropped to show case the birds.

After uploading the photos to my computer I noticed an interesting sequence and wish I had put the camera in video mode. In the first photo taken at 1:42 pm there are several blue jays with a partridge off to the side. The next 11 photos showed the partridge as it moved around the area ending at 1:55 pm. I've posted some of that grouping below.

Despite my teeter totter walk to the woods and back, it was a great outing. Take time for yourself, get out and enjoy your surroundings! :) Coppertop


  1. I like the top blue jay photo, amazing it was so clear from the trail cam. Nice ones of the grouse to.


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