Sunday, March 01, 2009

Turkeys lay claim to game camera site!

I wandered down to the woods this morning and checked the game cameras, hence the above photos just three of the one hundred and eight-two! My goodness - 182 photos, yesterday afternoon on two game cameras and most all are Wild Turkeys yet only three turkeys visible and not many tracks in the snow! There might of been 5 total pictures with blue jays otherwise the three turkeys above provided all the action for the cameras!
A dreary winter day in Maine and I have been quite 'lazy' sitting in front of the TV (Hubby is tuned to the Red Sox spring training game) watching the activity at the bird feeder outside my window and crocheting.
Do hope you are enjoying your day! :) Coppertop


  1. Don't worry, they will bring all of their relatives soon and ALL of them will leave their little "presents" for you. ;-)

  2. We will have to wait and see on that, glbuzz! I actually like to look out the window and see them around, they are so comical! The 'presents' however are NOT WELCOME, but can't have one without the other!:(

  3. Thank you, Deer Tracking Cameras - stop by anytime!


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