Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walked right out of a snow shoe!

I decided to check my game cameras today as the turkeys had been in our area the past few days. A nice sunny day but with the wind chill it felt more like the arctic. I bundled up in layers of winter clothing, strapped on the snow shoes and headed down to the woods. I came to a bare spot in the woods road and as I stepped something did not feel just right. Looking down my left foot had the snow shoe binding but no snow shoe! I glanced back up my path and there it lay about 25 feet behind me. In going back to retrieve it I found a washer and one of the metal fasteners lying on top of the snow as well as the heel grip. I gathered up my parts and decided to leave them in a pile along the woods to pick on the way back home. On I continued carefully with one snow shoe, as there were ice patches and the one foot had nothing to keep it from slipping now! I made it to the first camera and was shocked to find the no pictures saved on the card. I headed over to the second camera and walked by two red squirrels at the food platform chattering at each other. They disappeared as I got closer but were right back there when I returned. Now this game camera had 548 photos on it - we were in business! The majority of photos were of turkeys but I did find six showed a raccoon, two the partridge and blue jay and some with just the blue jays. No deer! The deer are around though, we have seen them in our field during the night hours and their tell tale tracks are visible in the snow. Smart animals, the bucks especially are not in favor of the camera flash and will avoid it.
I reset the camera and headed back to the house, one snow shoe on my foot and one snow shoe in hand! I did manage to snap a few pictures of the cute red squirrels before departing the woods. Below are just a sample of the game camera pictures I retrieved today.

Enjoy - weatherman says clear for the next 5-6 days! No storms in site! :) Coppertop


  1. Never takes long for those raccoons to find the food does it?? Cute squirrel photo's.


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