Sunday, May 24, 2009

May's Game Camera Photos

Below in no particular order are a sample of the critters I have been getting on my two scouting cameras this past month. Healthly looking raccoons; fox, one lone doe and lots of wild turkeys!
White-tail deer are not the prettiest at this time of year as they shed their winter fur for summer coats. The male turkeys are still calling and strutting!

I do hope you have enjoyed my game cam photos. Do stop by again soon! Enjoy :) Coppertop

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was elated to come across these Jack-in-the-Pulpit flowers today walking along our property. This photo shows a shorter one next to the taller, there is actually another taller one behind making three flowers in this group. The Jack-in-the-Pulpit is a wildflower that blooms between May and June and thrives in the moist shady deciduous woods. A cluster of red Berries will form in late summer or early fall and are an attractive food source for birds such as thrushes, rodents, etc. Leaves and fruits contain calcium oxalate that can irritate the skin so it is important to wear gloves if you are going to handle.

Jack-in-the-pulpit is Arisaema triphyllum of the arum family, Araceae. Other Names are: Indian Turnip, arum, three-leaved arum, dragon-turnip, brown dragon, devil's-ear, marsh turnip, bog onion, priest's-pintle, lords-and-ladies.

Did you notice the wild strawberry plants in the above photo also? Our property has an abundance of these plants; the berries are small but oh so sweet!

Did you find something new/different in your backyard today? Slow your pace and take a look around, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised! Enjoy :) Coppertop

Friday, May 08, 2009

Hummingbird Time in Maine

About 4pm this afternoon I saw our first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the year! A male landed on a feeder I had put out this past week in anticipation of their arrival.
I sat outside for a short time eariler this evening watching the birds at a feeder and took a few photos I would like to share with you. As I was sitting and watching the song birds, I suddenly remembered that the hummers liked to sit in the oak tree so I started to scan the many branches and sure enough there he was! :) To my delight he sat still long enough for me to snap off a couple shots, he then moved on to another branch and I was able to get a few more. The photos here are all of the same one lonely male hummer. I wonder if more will arrive tomorrow - will just have to wait and see!

Earlier today while doing some yard work I thought I had heard a bluebird but at that time could not spot it. This evening a male landed in our oak tree and ate his supper!

The male goldfinches have all their color back again now and are they not bright yellow!

The white-breasted nuthatch is a treat to watch as they manuveur upside down the tree trunks and at the feeder!

It is so amazing how much entertainment one can find in their own backyard and its FREE!
I do hope you all take time to enjoy the wildlife in your own backyards! :) Coppertop