Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bluebird update.

The bluebirds disappeared for a couple days after my last post but have returned again.  I am pretty confident it is the same pair whereas the female has been at the sunflower seed feeder and often.  It appears she has taught the male that the seeds are eatable and they both are now coming for a snack off and on throughout the day.  Below are a few pictures I took today.  It has been pretty cloudy, dreary day and the photos are not the best but just seeing these beautiful birds certainly helps to brighten it up for us humans!

I have not seen any tree swallows since that one on the 1st day of Spring.  We have six bluebird houses up and usually the tree swallows build in each.  In past years after the tree swallows have laid their eggs and the families have outgrown the houses, a pair of bluebirds will appear and make their home in one, this being later in the summertime.  I am hoping that perhaps this year they will make claim on one before the tree swallows, although I love having the tree swallows around also.  They are amazing to watch, flying so fast and so on target!  Not to mention the advantage of their insect diet.

Do hope you enjoyed your day!  Come back again soon.  : ) Coppertop

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Bluebird photos!

I was able to capture both the male and female Bluebird today - yea! But was very disappointed with myself for not reacting quicker when a male Cardinal landed on the fence. He flew off just as I got the camera in hand and ready to snap a picture. I pretty much sat in front of that window the rest of the day hoping he would return but no such luck! Maybe another day, but I rarely see Cardinals in our backyard.
Take note of the Male Bluebird in sequence below; he evidently did not care for the sunflower seed and flew off as the female stayed and continued to consume the seeds!

A few other photos I snapped today while waiting for the Cardinal to return!

This chickadee stayed in this one spot for a good five minutes.  It appeared to be hiding as all the other birds at the feeder had quickly flown off.  After a time another chickadee came to this one and they both flew off together!

Hope you took time out for yourself today and enjoyed the moment!  : )  Coppertop

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Fantastic! A female bluebird showed up today and stayed around all day. The male was here also but I was unable to capture any photos of him today. As you can see in the above picture we had some snow also! Just off and on flurries that did not even stick to the ground. What suprised me is this bluebird was at my bird feeder off and on most the day, I have never noticed one eating from a bird feeder before especially since the feeder was filled with sunflower 'meaties' not meal worms!

Take care and enjoy!  : ) Coppertop

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is here!

 7 a.m.
Today is the 1st day of spring by the calendar standards and I guess by some of the wild bird standards also. Coffee in hand, I paused at the window overlooking our field. Two Robins are on the ground pulling food from the ground. A male bluebird is checking out a couple birdhouses and a tree sparrow is sitting on top of yet another birdhouse. The male bluebird goes from one sitting post to another singing his song. I keep looking for a female but none do I see today.

Blue jays are communicating back and forth as three crows fly by. Several goldfinches flutter by, the male is turning bright yellow after a dull winter.

Our field is still mostly brown with some green growth showing, but then again it is only March 20th and here in Maine one cannot rule the fact that we still can have an end of the season snow storm.

5 p.m.
What a fabulous day today! I worked outside cleaning up a flower garden this morning and then again this afternoon for a short time. I am trying to get myself back in shape for outdoor work slowly this year and not jump in high gear and overdo it ending up with muscle aches where I did not know muscles existed. Once I start a project though it is very hard to quit until it is complete – I’m a person who wants it done and done yesterday! : )  I am so anxious to see colors – flowers, green grass, blue sky, beautiful white clouds!
Notice the hole in the trunk of the large apple tree in photo below - the trunk is hollow from ground up yet the tree bears apples each year!

I do hope you have enjoyed your day today!  : )  Coppertop