Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bluebird update.

The bluebirds disappeared for a couple days after my last post but have returned again.  I am pretty confident it is the same pair whereas the female has been at the sunflower seed feeder and often.  It appears she has taught the male that the seeds are eatable and they both are now coming for a snack off and on throughout the day.  Below are a few pictures I took today.  It has been pretty cloudy, dreary day and the photos are not the best but just seeing these beautiful birds certainly helps to brighten it up for us humans!

I have not seen any tree swallows since that one on the 1st day of Spring.  We have six bluebird houses up and usually the tree swallows build in each.  In past years after the tree swallows have laid their eggs and the families have outgrown the houses, a pair of bluebirds will appear and make their home in one, this being later in the summertime.  I am hoping that perhaps this year they will make claim on one before the tree swallows, although I love having the tree swallows around also.  They are amazing to watch, flying so fast and so on target!  Not to mention the advantage of their insect diet.

Do hope you enjoyed your day!  Come back again soon.  : ) Coppertop

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