Monday, March 22, 2010

More Bluebird photos!

I was able to capture both the male and female Bluebird today - yea! But was very disappointed with myself for not reacting quicker when a male Cardinal landed on the fence. He flew off just as I got the camera in hand and ready to snap a picture. I pretty much sat in front of that window the rest of the day hoping he would return but no such luck! Maybe another day, but I rarely see Cardinals in our backyard.
Take note of the Male Bluebird in sequence below; he evidently did not care for the sunflower seed and flew off as the female stayed and continued to consume the seeds!

A few other photos I snapped today while waiting for the Cardinal to return!

This chickadee stayed in this one spot for a good five minutes.  It appeared to be hiding as all the other birds at the feeder had quickly flown off.  After a time another chickadee came to this one and they both flew off together!

Hope you took time out for yourself today and enjoyed the moment!  : )  Coppertop

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  1. I do enjoy watching the birds around our feeders and I really like your bluebird pictures.


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