Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Scouting Camera Photos

Checked my two scouting cameras this morning and quite a few pictures were taken in the past week but only one ‘different’ animal, a Fisher! On one hand disappointing not to get his face side but on the other hand the flash would have created glowing eyes which are not so becoming!

Turkeys are becoming a regular down in the orchard so they took up most of the digital memory cards. Right now the Tom’s are putting on a good show.

I am getting some photo shots of a doe I named Delilah that has an injured or deformed jaw. If it was an injury it just did not heal as this is the 3rd year we have seen her around and it always looks the same. She has no trouble eating and gave birth to a cute little guy last summer. Of late another deer has been seen with these two in photos taken down in the woods. I do give the bucks that we see from year to year names but never bother with the does whereas they are more difficult to tell apart. Delilah is very noticeable and as I said we have watched for three years now.

Cannot forget to mention raccoons are almost always around as well as a bunny or two. Each check is a surprise as one never knows what or even who might have passed in front of the camera.
Days might be gloomy in Maine at present but pictures certainly can warm the heart and bring smiles –
take care and do enjoy! : ) Coppertop


  1. I absolutely love the pictures. I so have to get another camera. The one I had died on me.

  2. Thank you Rick for stopping by and your comments. Please do so anytime. I took a look at your blog and you have some interesting posts!

  3. Love your scouting camera captures! Might have to look into one of those.

  4. Thank you MaineBirder! Scouting cameras are a joy for sure!


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