Sunday, April 04, 2010

Turkey Strut Time

We have been experiencing some exception weather in Maine and I have been taking advantage of it and spending about 3 hours each day down in our ‘woods shack’ enjoying the wildlife. Although daylight hours do not bring about as much wildlife as I would love to see, it is such a relaxing get away time. There is nothing like some time in the woods to clear your mind and refresh your soul.

Yesterday the birds and squirrels were not as active as the previous day. Hearing turkey hens off to the side cackling and a pileated woodpecker calling and hammering away gave me hopes that they might show in front of me and present me with the opportunity of a photograph as well as entertainment. So I sat reclined back with feet up, camera in hand, listening, watching and waiting. Sure enough after the first hour and a half into the clearing come two hens scratching the woods floor. Within seconds a male turkey pops out into the clearing strutting his stuff. What  beautiful colors in the sunlight this male shows off.

Below are a few more photos of this handsome male. Photographs just do not do his true colors justice, seeing in person is awesome!

Have you taken time out for yourself today? Please do and enjoy! : ) Coppertop

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