Saturday, May 15, 2010

Backyard Photos

Nothing special but I thought it was interesting how the morning sun was shinning through the clouds and beaming down to earth!  Clicking on the photos will bring up a larger one for better viewing.
Amazing how this old apple tree still produces! 
The inners are completely gone, just a shell of a truck left standing.

Apple Blossoms
Beautiful Mother's Day gift from my Son

Tree Swallows
A few Tree Swallow Facts:
--The female Tree Swallow is duller in color and may have brownish foreheads.
--The Tree Swallows diet consists mostly of insects that it catches on the wing although in winter, the favorite food are bayberries.
--The female Tree Swallow may raise two broods in one season and the male can have more than one mate.
--A group of tree swallows are known collectively as a "stand" of swallows.

Hope you enjoyed my photos - feel free to leave comments!  : ) Coppertop

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