Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catbirds stop by for a bath!

Hubby and I were sitting outside earlier this evening, enjoying the cool air, listening and watching the birds.  Suddenly a pair of Catbirds flew by us and landed in an Oak tree that shades one of the bird baths.  Although one Catbird kept itself hid amongst the oak leaves the second one slipped down into the birdbath allowing me to capture a few photos before they both exited our yard.  They seemed to go straight for the area and out again which leads me to wonder if they have been visiting when we were not watching.  I do hope we see these two again. 

Bathtub overflowing while Catbird enjoys itself!

Looks like a bubble coming from this catbird's beak!

Oh! Oh! This Catbird is not sharing its bathtub with anyone including a Purple Finch!

Take time to enjoy the critters in your backyard!  : )  Coppertop

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