Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are you Ready? For Snow?

Here we go! First snow fall of the season. Am I ready? Heck NO! I still have garden tools and equipment out about the yard that needs to be cleaned and put away for the winter. Now, Hubby’s Mother had a wonderful plan, she always planned on Halloween as the very latest time for all summer ‘stuff’ to be picked up and put away. I always remember when it gets near this time of year and try to follow her lead but this year I messed up. I do have that task on the agenda for tomorrow for sure.

What you see in the photo above is gone now; I do see a layer of snow on the building roofs. This is just a warning sign of things to come and telling us all to get ready! Ready or not it IS coming. I really do enjoy the changing seasons and snow, it is just the transition from nice weather to burr weather takes a little getting use to, more so as each passing year comes and goes.


  1. Are you Ready? For Snow? NOOOOOO!!!! lol. But it does make a pretty picture as long as it's your yard it's in:).

  2. Hee! Hee! Your day will come, Joe!

  3. Waaaaaay too early. I'm glad that we are going south. It was kind of pretty at the lake this morning tho. The air coming up the outhouse hole––not so nice. :-)

  4. Take any pictures at the lake this morning, glbuzz - would love to see them! Ahh! Cold drafts make for short visits!


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