Saturday, October 09, 2010

Maine Black Bear in our Backyard

The above video was captured on a 'woods' camera in July this year in our backyard woods.  I am of thought this is the same Black Bear that visited us last summer from July to the middle of October.  He would get up close with the camera at least once during his each of his visits, yet he was kind and never destroyed the unit like the many tales I have heard of bears demolishing scouting cameras.

This year we have only captured this Bear on three different occasions.  Evidently he is older and wandering more now.  Below I have posted some photos from one of our 'woods' cameras more recently of this beautiful black bear.  Will he return again before retreating to his winter quarters, guess we will just have to wait and see.

In this last photo above the bear was checking out my camera!
Do hope you are having a pleasant day - enjoy!  : )  Coppertop


  1. That is way cool. I just moved my camera to a whole new area so I am hoping in a few days to go and actually have pics on there.

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  2. Thank you Rick. Scouting cameras are one of the best inventions, it is so exciting to check them and see what critters have been around. Good luck with getting pictures! Coppertop

  3. Great photo's. Glad to see you posting again. Can't wait to see some deer photo's. I just got a young bull moose on my camera but no bear yet. Hopefully, I will get one before we head south.

  4. That is a nice bear! The last pic is all too familiar. For some reason the bears just have to get close and checkout the cameras.


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