Monday, April 11, 2011

Scouting Camera time again!

I finally got around to it and walked down to our wooded area to set up one of my scouting cameras two days ago.  Knowing some turkeys were in the area I decided to check it today.  As I got closer to the tree where it is strapped I could smell the after effects of a skunk and noticed quite a lot of skunk rooting activity.  I really expected to see at least one picture of a skunk on the camera card but there were none.  I did however get plenty of turkey pictures and a few with two coons.  Needless to say I only kept a couple of each.  In each of the two pictures I am posting here, the critters are looking up - now what do you suppose was up there?

Be sure to take time out for yourself and enjoy!


  1. Do skunks climb tree's? Maybe that is what they see.

  2. Anything is possible, glbuzz! LOL

  3. Wow. Nice Turkey. Spotted Shunks regularly climb tree and den in hollowed out trees. Striped Shunks do also but not as much.

  4. I did not realize a skunk would or could climb a tree, thank you Joe.


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