Sunday, February 26, 2012

Re-modeling & Crocheting

Of late I have been working on my web sites, including this blog, remodeling and condensing.  Your welcome to take a look here at E-liz Treasures

When not working on the computer I have been keeping up with orders on eBay for hand crocheted hats.  New this season, I started making a man’s warm beanie (100% acrylic yarn) and it has become a best seller for me. I make it in two sizes and many colors.  You can take a peek here at my E-liz Treasures eBay Store.  While there be sure to check out my feedback, I’m proud to say they have been good and it warms my heart as I strive to make a quality item and to provide a pleasant transaction.

 UPDATE: as of April 2016 I no longer sell items on eBay.

Here are pictures of this popular beanie shown in Grey Heather and the Teen/Adult size (Small/Medium).  It is also made in a larger size for Large/XLarge.  

You can wear down over the ears or fold up the cuff to wear over the ears.
Popular colors:

 Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  Have a wonderful day and enjoy!

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This morning we awoke to find 7 inches of new snow on the ground.  And here we thought Spring was upon us!  We have had a really mild winter with both temperatures and snow fall.  This is only the 4th time we have had to plow the driveway.
It is really pretty out there with the fresh snow fall.  The sun was shinning earlier and a lone Robin was out in the middle of the field.  I grabbed my camera but by the time I got back to the window the Robin was flying off.
Driveway plowed now to tackle the deck and walkways.  Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watching the Birds!

Sunday I went down to our woods shack and sat for awhile with camera in hand.  There is a platform feeder of sorts and I had filled it with seeds, apple and orange peels.  First the chickadees came.
It wasn't long after a red squirrel scurried over.
Blue Jays could be heard all around me and in a short time they started to show themselves also.
I was just sitting there with a MP3 plugged in one ear and listening to the birds chatter in the other when I glanced to the side and a house cat was starring at me.  It stood there like a statue for a minute or more and then slowly meandered off into the woods.
A single nuthatch flew back and forth quickly grabbing a sunflower seed each trip.
And just before I left a Goldfinch stopped at the platform and ate and ate!
What a beautiful day it was!  The simplest things in life can bring so much joy!
Take time to enjoy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

15th Great Backyard Bird Count - are you ready?

Are You Ready?
The 15th Great Backyard Bird Count starts this Friday! 

The 2012 GBBC takes place February 17 through February 20.

Things You Can Do During the Countdown to the GBBC:

• Send  a reminder message to neighbors, friends, and relatives, asking them to participate. Every checklist counts!

• Fill your bird feeders if you plan to count birds at your feeders.

• Charge up your camera batteries so you can capture that perfect picture for the GBBC photo contest, or document a rarity.

• If you'd like a preview of the birds you might see in your area, enter your zip or postal code on this web page to get printable tally sheets.

Things to Watch for During the GBBC

• In past counts, participants were most likely to report American Robins in areas without snow. Will more robins be seen farther north this year?

• Will some birds, such as Eastern Phoebes and geese, begin their migrations earlier because of the warmer temperatures and lack of snow or ice in many parts of the country?

• Fewer Blue Jays have been reported in the Northeast in recent months; will GBBC reports show the same trend?

• Where will the Snowy Owls turn up next?

There is even a photo contest!  Rules are here.