Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watching the Birds!

Sunday I went down to our woods shack and sat for awhile with camera in hand.  There is a platform feeder of sorts and I had filled it with seeds, apple and orange peels.  First the chickadees came.
It wasn't long after a red squirrel scurried over.
Blue Jays could be heard all around me and in a short time they started to show themselves also.
I was just sitting there with a MP3 plugged in one ear and listening to the birds chatter in the other when I glanced to the side and a house cat was starring at me.  It stood there like a statue for a minute or more and then slowly meandered off into the woods.
A single nuthatch flew back and forth quickly grabbing a sunflower seed each trip.
And just before I left a Goldfinch stopped at the platform and ate and ate!
What a beautiful day it was!  The simplest things in life can bring so much joy!
Take time to enjoy!


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