Sunday, March 18, 2012

Geese - Duck - Ice going out!

It was another beautiful day yesterday and we took a ride to the nearby boardwalk to see what was going on.  From this boat landing view you can see ice still covers the lake.
But at the dam area there is now some open water and one lone duck (Common GoldenEye) was diving under the ice and going from one open spot to another.   The duck was too far out for  decent picture but we enjoyed watching it for about 45 minutes.
We saw three different flocks of geese fly over and circle. The last circle they made they joined forces and it looked like a landing was coming BUT just then another vehicle pulled up and two fishermen got out and preceded to fish from the dam.  Hence the geese did not land and minutes later we left.
Later in the afternoon I took a walk around our property and almost missed seeing this stray house cat laying at the edge of woods.

We have been seeing house cats around more this year than any in past.  Just a couple days ago we were watching one at our rock wall hunting for well over a half hour.  It looked to be quite successful with three captures that we witnessed.  We don't own a house cat but if any want to wander through and help clean up the mouse population they are welcome!
Enjoy your weekend - be safe!

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  1. Wow!! Not much snow left and the ice is turning pretty gray. Won't be much longer until open water. Great pics.


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