Sunday, April 29, 2012

Water Fowl - learning my camera

I've had a DSLR Nikon D90 camera now for several years and thought it was time I learned more about it and the settings.  So I have been reading, trying different settings and practicing.  A lot of trial and error for sure!  Before this I put the camera on sports mode and used like a point and shoot camera without touching settings but a few now and then.  Below are my most recent 'learning shots' taken at a nearby cove, I hope you enjoy them.
Tree Swallow
Great Blue Heron (I think!)
Heron and a couple Male mallards
Male Mallard - Showing off his beautiful colors!
Female and Male Ring Neck Ducks
Female Ring Neck Duck - reflection in water - not a second head!
And off they go!
Sparrow at the shore edge.
Take time for yourself and enjoy!

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