Sunday, May 13, 2012

Northern Cardinal visits our Maine backyard

This evening I was blessed to see a male Cardinal for about five minutes and to hear his beautiful song! Cardinals are not seen in our backyard field as a rule so this was a real treat for me! 

It was misting when I took some photos and so many branches in the way. He landed in three different trees before continuing on his way. I would have loved to have gotten his picture in the apple tree, especially now that the tree has blossomed,  but that was quite away from where hubby and I were sitting and I knew if I tried to walk closer he would have been gone in a flash. I did take sixteen photos total and these three were the best, the last being my favorite. The blurriness in first and third photos are branches and small oak leaves.

Sure hope this Cardinal or any other decides to come back again to give me another opportunity for a photo but most of all just to be able to watch and listen to them.

Take some time for yourself, relax and see how many species grace your backyard and serenade you with their songs. Enjoy!

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