Friday, May 11, 2012

Tree Swallows ... something neat!

Early this morning, I noticed the tree swallows were quite busy gathering nesting material and building their nests in the bluebird houses scattered around our lawn. Thinking this would be a good time to practice with my camera; I gathered my equipment and went outside.

I watched to see which house the birds were the most active at and set my equipment close by.  Well, it did not take but a few seconds and they switched houses on me.  Evidently, they help each other in the nest building!   As I watched, I noticed something neat that I had not noticed before.  A tree swallow on one house flew to another house where swallow #2 was perched.  They chatted back and forth for several seconds and then both of them flew back to the #1 swallow’s house.  One bird inspected the inside cavity, then flew to the top of the house, chatted with the perched swallow and then flew back to the house that it had been perched on previously.  Now, swallow #1 sat still briefly and then proceeded to the opening hole, stuck his head inside and inspected it.  #1 then flew over to #2, chatted some more and then flew to the ground and gathered some nesting material and took inside its home.  It appeared to me #1 was asking for advice on its nest building and #2 gave it!  How cool is that?!

We love having the tree swallows (and all birds) around. Presently, we have seven bird houses out on posts.  In past years, a pair of bluebirds has built a nest in one of the boxes but although we saw a pair of bluebirds very early in the spring, they did not stay around.  We still occasionally see two male bluebirds so I am wondering if the females are nesting somewhere nearby.

I’m posting some photos I took early this morning of the swallows; I do hope you enjoy them.
 Have a fantastic weekend - Enjoy!

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